According to Mark Kendall’s statement to Great White are currently working on new material.  “We’ve been going crazy lately. I’ve been sending Mitch music. He lives in Florida right now; he moved from Nashville to Florida. I’ve been sending him ideas. We’re gonna probably get together pretty soon and start actually doing it for real. I was kind of thrilled, actually, because I hadn’t really written with Mitch yet, as far as sitting down and having a writing session or whatever, but I sent him just music with no melody ideas or anything, and he came back with a full song — lyrics, melodies, chorus; the whole deal,” he continued. “It was a pretty good arrangement, so it wasn’t probably too difficult for him because there was a lot of availability with melodies and stuff. But I was real excited that he could come with a song without me humming any melodies or giving him any ideas at all. So that was kind of cool.”