PRESS RELEASE: “a brief trip from earth to heaven,

then alas we are the same old dust of thousand ages”

                                                                                        Li Bai

Supermoon have released their first, self-titled album on digital format (29/12/20)

Supermoon is a forest rock band from Athens, Gr. established in  2019 by Vasilis Tsigkris. Starting as a solo project during the creation of the first album, Supermoon are now a full 4-piece band. Their forest rock is atmospheric/psychedelic music, with lyrics about spirituality, nature, folk tales and mythology.

Filled with heavy basslines and melodic guitars, psychedelic atmosphere, stoner/doom hypnotic tempo and space vocal elements, Supermoon manage to succeed effortless crossovers in music genres, creating a brand new yet intimate musical universe, which stands on the brink of darkness, bathed in light. A universe in such balance between nature and magic, unfolded here in 8 tracks through melody and rhythm-wise severity.

In the album’s tracks-mantras, nature elements and primordial yet unconventional images and words, consist of an almost concept release, a dive inside the very crack between the real and fantasy world. And according to the myth, a rabbit that lives in exile on the moon, holds the elixir of the eternal life we are never to live.

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Mandala official video:

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