Lullaby's Ink
PRESS RELEASE: Lullaby’s Ink, the new coming music project of Haris Kyrkos, just released a new lyric video for the song “Alone?”, featuring Marianthe, the singer of Greek psychedelic heavy rock band Instant Boner, as well as drummer Ierotheos Tampakos. The song was produced and mixed by Dimitris Alexiou, at Bloodmix Studios and mastered by Haris Kyrkos. The artwork was designed by Slowspring and the video was created by Scott Kennedy,  at 12 Inch Media Studios in Scotland.

Lullaby’s Ink is the one-man project of Haris Kyrkos (ex member of Greek metal rollercoast Raw In Sect) and at the same time a collective of newcoming talented musicians and artists from around the world. This is not their first release, as they also released “The Last Time” (featuring Mara Lisenko) and “Queen Obscene” (featuring Angelos Sakketas) in 2018. A full length release is not yet scheduled as the project’s main purpose at the moment is to spontaneously release songs anytime its members feel like it.

Haris Kyrkos stated: “‘Alone?’ is one of the most intense compositions I’ve ever made. It’s inspired by a period of my life full of transitions and changes, during which I re-evaluated and reconsidered a lot of things. The important part though, is that this song is probably the most mature one that Lullaby’s Ink has released till now, which for me marks the beginning of a new era for the specific project.”

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