Back in 1991, when Guns N’ Roses made their recording comeback not with one but tow double vinyl albums (!), the world didn’t know what to expect from them. We are in the pre-internet age and the available information is through the MTV channel and the monthly music press. “Appetite For Destruction” has changed radically the musical landscape and it is rightfully considered a monumental debut record while “Lies” which came out a year later was like a break or if you prefer an intermediary album that featured old songs and the more tranquil profile of the band…at least, on the second side of the vinyl record.

It was the summer of 1991 when “You Could Be Mine” was broadcasted for the very first time on prime time during the news report…such was the power of Guns N’ Roses. I remember calling a good friend of mine to check if he’d seen the video. His answer although brilliant enough, it didn’t prove to be concise as he said: “this is how hard rock music will sound in the 90s”. A few months later Nirvana and the grunge movement would flood MTV and radio. Nevertheless, Guns N’ Roses remained as popular as ever despite the shift in the music business.

I am sure every music fan out there had often wondered how “Use Your Illusion” would be if it was one record consisting of 12 songs. Just think about it. As majestic, bold and risky was the fact that they came out with two double records, it would be outwardly if they had taken the best 12 cuts and fit them in one grandiose record that would rival the unsurpassable “Appetite…”. That would be something special, wouldn’t be? Well, here’s my ideal tracklist for “Use Your Illusion”…the one, single record:

A’ Side

  1. “Dust N’ Bones”
  2. “You Could Be Mine”
  3. “Back Off Bitch”
  4. “Don’t Cry”
  5. “Garden Of Eden”
  6. “Estranged”

B’ Side

  1. “Civil War”
  2. “Pretty Tied Up”
  3. “Double Talkin’ Jive”
  4. “November Rain”
  5. “Get In The Ring”
  6. “Yesterdays”

Sakis Nikas