Gus G completed his first ever instrumental album


The Greek guitarist announced that he had completed his first entirely instrumental album.

“The album is done, it’s finished — mixed and mastered. Dennis Ward, he played bass on it and he mixed and mastered it. I have a new drummer who’s playing on it. His name is [Jan-]Vincent Velazco. He’s a great, killer drummer. He’s from England. And he contacted me last year online, and he said, ‘Hey, dude, if you need a drummer, let me know.’ And I checked him out, and I was blown away by his skills, by his playing. So I thought hey, why not?

“I’m still not sure what to call the album, actually,” Gus added. “I have an idea in mind; I have a title. But this is gonna be my first all-instrumental album, so there’s a lot of guitar on it, different things on it — not just metal stuff. There’s some more mellow, some bluesier things, but then, of course, there’s a lot of shredding too. And I’m looking forward to releasing it. It’s a big step for me.”