Gus G – Quantum Leap


The biggest challenge when you are writing an instrumental album is to make it approachable to the average listener, who is not necessarily a guitarist but still can find it interesting to listen. Obviously, on an effort like that, those who have studied music and especially guitar will count the notes, analyze the techniques, speed etc. But, us the common metal fans who don’t care how many times someone’s fingers can hit the chords per one minute, we will look for feeling, inspiration, even for something catchy that will stick in the brain and will make an impression that will lead to more spins of the album, than just the first one.

Typically, a composition without lyrics and vocals is still a song, the difference is that in our case the guitar and the melodies take the role of the narrator. The guitarist’s imagination and inspiration is the guide for the listener.

Gus G have mentioned several times his intension to release a totally instrumental album. In his first attempt we have to admit that he hits the spot making things interesting most of the times. The sound is quite familiar with Firewind adding a few modern elements here and there on the basic riffs. He doesn’t hesitate to grab the acoustic slowing down the tempo, while the guitar that is on the first layer brings out his most sensitive side. On “Night Rider” he introduces a synthwave motif that becomes the base to develop his composition that is not lacking the heavy metal element.

In general, you won’t catch Gus showing off his skills. His playing is meaningful and there is a reason for everything that you will listen.

The album is featuring an extra disc, which is actually the digital EP that was out recently with live cuts from Gus’ performance along side Dennis Ward and Joe Nunes in Budapest. They are playing songs from “Fearless” and a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat”.