Gygax – High Fantasy


Where the heck was this band all these years and I haven’t discovered them? That was my first thought after listening to the first 2 minutes of this album. You know these days it’s not very common to discover new bands that create a big impression.

Gygax come from Ventura, California and where formed while Eric Harris (vocals, bass) and Bryant Throckmorton (guitar) where still members of Gypsyhawk. Hardcore fans of the classic game “Dungeons & Dragons” they took the band’s name from its creator, Ernest Gary Gygax. This is their third album after “Critical Hits” and “2nd Edition”.

Their style is ‘70s classic rock with killer dual guitars, melodies, epic solos and great playing overall. Their influences come from a big spectrum of rock, although they only mention Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple. Personally, they kind of reminded me Moxy and the vocals sound a bit like my favourites Swedes Marvel, but that doesn’t matter any way. What counts is that you remember the songs and you are excited at the first spin. Of course, they are not re-inventing the wheel, and what you listen is far from something original, but their style, aesthetics, ideas and songs will keep you occupied from start to finish of “High Fantasy”.

I will keep an eye on them!