H.E.A.T. – Address The Nation

The first track that I had listened from the upcoming –back then- album by H.E.A.T. was “Living On The Run” and apart from the fact that I was awaiting impatiently for the arrival of the full length record, I knew almost instinctively that the Swedish outfit would deliver yet another sensational bunch of songs. The time finally came and my expectations were met at their fullest! The third studio effort of H.E.A.T. lays the foundation rocks for a great year for the band claiming at the same time a top spot in the list of the best albums of 2012.

“Address The Nation” includes all the essential elements that a melodic hard rock album should have: catchy, uptempo songs, melodic guitar hooks, harmonic lead and backing vocals, a crystal clear production and above all –and this is something that every band of the genre should bear in mind- a simplicity when it comes down to the song structure. The aforementioned “Living On The Run” along with “In And Out Of Trouble”, “Better Off Alone” are the songs that I’d recommend as a first taste of this brilliant record.
H.E.A.T. proves once again that it’s not an ephemeral or one-off wonder…if you haven’t checked them out thus far, well you have a third chance to do so. Don’t miss it!
Highlight: It seems that the shift in the position of the lead singer didn’t affect H.E.A.T. at all…