H.E.A.T. – II


I have said and written many times before throughout the years and the various articles. When it comes down to hard rock music, nothing can ever beat the sheer impetus of the American bands that stemmed from the other side of the Atlantic during the 80s and the 90s. UK and Scandinavia are right below this sonic ladder. But…and this is a huge “but”, one cannot ignore the majestic presence and commercial success of H.E.A.T especially in the last decade (after Erik Gronwall joined the band). As a matter of fact, “Address The Nation” is rightfully considered a hard rock classic among the ever loyal fans in the world. And although the two follow up records were not of the same caliber yet everybody was expecting the next hit by…H.E.A.T!

Well, “II” is one of the finest albums ever recorded by a hard rock outfit in the recent years! H.E.A.T releases a dynamic comeback record and I must say that they manage to surprise even their most die-hard fans as I am sure they didn’t expect such a bombastic return by their favorite band. This is the truth and nothing but the truth! The first songs that saw the light of day a while ago were evident of the glory road that was open ahead! Highlights…? Let’s see…“Come Clean” is one of the best tracks that H.E.A.T has ever recorded, “Victory” has a clear anthemic aura that reminds a lot of the good old Battle Beast days while “Adrenalin” could have easily find a comfortable spot on any Eclipse record of the last few years. When a band has an arsenal of such anthems as “One By One” and “Rise” there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in regards of who’s the undeniable ruler of the genre! Personally, I was also satisfied that the band decided to capture a more organic, raw sound thus leaving aside any experimentation whatsoever.

All in all, “II is definitely the best hard rock album of 2020. Quite possibly one of the best hard rock albums…period. H.E.A.T is back and we couldn’t be happier with this thriving return. Welcome back, boys!

Highlight: Greece awaits the imminent return of H.E.A.T in September…