H.e.a.t Live in London


This is the first live album by H.e.a.t after four consecutive brilliant studio offerings that established those Swedish lads as one of the greatest hard rock acts in the world. Personally, I truly reckon that H.e.a.t is the best thing that happened to hard rock since the early 90s with their third opus “Address The Nation” being a true gem without any exaggeration whatsoever.

“Live in London” was recorded a year ago at the “Garage Club” in the frame of the band’s first ever headlining tour when H.e.a.t was promoting their latest album “Tearing Down The Walls”. Quite naturally, the set list is heavily based on the last couple of records (the ones that feature Erik Gronwall behind the mic) while the sound is absolutely majestic leaving you under the impression that the Swedish outfit is on stage of a huge arena (congratulations to Tobias Lindell for an excellent mix). The huge star is singer Gronwall who does a brilliant job on both driving the crowd wild and fronting a flawless band.
Right from the opening track “Point of no Return” right down to the closing anthem “Living on the Run”, H.e.at proves why they are not only a solid studio band but most importantly a live hard rock hurricane! If you still haven’t checked them out (I doubt it), well…what are you waiting for?

Highlight: Will H.e.a.t win over America…? That’s the big bet for the band…