Η.Ε.Α.Τ. announced that they will begin recording their next studio album on March 2017 in… Thailand to be released by the end of the year. The band have been focusing in wrtitng new material for a year and they can hardly wait to get in the studio with producer Tobias Lindell (Europe, Hardcore Superstar, Avatar etc) who also produced “Address The Nation” and “Tearing Down The Walls”. “Fina-fucking-lly… I can’t wait to record this album and spend some time with my dysfunctional family in Thailand. Tobias is our sixth family member and will – as usual – take on the role as our caretaker…. Jokes aside – I’m very positive about the new material and I think we sound better than ever”. – Erik Grönwall.

Source: sleazeroxx.com