On the east side of England, two hours away from Manchester and just an hour away from the famous and dreamy YORK, it’s located a small but notorious town, called Kingston upon Hull.

From 25 to 27 August, 26 of the most popular bands of the HAIR METAL community will be gathered on stage.

HAIR METAL HEAVEN is the first festival to be targeted only at HAIR METAL sound and will host some of the best bands of the 80s, 90s and 00s.

In particular, Fragile Things, Mason Hill, Nite Rain, Bigfoot, Crazy Lixx, Babylon AD, Eclipse, Treat, Hardline, Shiraz Lane, Killcode, The Poodles, Spread Eagle, Junkyard, Vain, Danger Danger, TNT, Princess Pang , Diemonds, Wildside, Leatherwolf, Shark Island, Loudness, D.A.D, Reckless Love and headliners on the third day for the first time on the same stage, Sebastian Bach, George Lynch & Vinny Appice. They will play songs of Skid Row, Dokken, Lynch Mob and Black Sabbath.

Do not miss it !!!!