Halestorm – The Strange Case Of…

Why can’t all the female fronted bands be as awesome as Halestorm? Why must we suffer from all those so called symphonic metal bands that have absolutely nothing to do with rock and roll? Hasn’t nobody told them about the essence of rock music? I guess not…Now, that I got this out of my system, let me just tell you that the second album by Halestorm kicks major ass! The band had already blown our brains out a few months back with the release of the excellent first single “Love Bites (So Do I)” and naturally we were anxiously waiting for the full length record.
“The Strange Case Of…” is definitely superior to Halestorm’s debut offering, includes sensational compositions, displays a crystal clear production, is uplifting and inspired…all in all, it is a flawless album! Halestorm’s greatest asset is singer Lzzy Hale with her perfect voice and the dynamic stage presence. Come to think about it, I hadn’t seen such a prolific female performer since the heyday of Joan Jett when women used to play rock and roll!

Do yourselves a favor and listen to Halestrom…it’s only rock and roll but we like it!

Highlight: The album’s limited edition includes three bonus tracks (one of which is a duet with James Michael from SIXX:AM).