Halestorm – Into The Wild Life


I can’t believe it! What happened to Lzzy? Was she dazzled by the Grammy award, and publicity and went off the rails? What is that? Is thin an album by Pink, or Katy Perry? You might think I am overreacting, but when I listened to Halestorm’s third album I felt shocked, disappointed but mostly betrayed! I wasn’t expecting such a change in the band’s style!

The energy and swagger that made us love them in the first place is gone. The power and the passion that turned us on to them is gone out of the window. Halestorm, with their two albums so far weren’t college rock for little kids and their moms, it was furious, ballsy rock’n’roll and their frontman a hard’n’heavy amazon, a genuine descendant of Joan Jett, Lita Ford and the rest of those “wild girls”. So, what caused that change over? The truth is that Halestorm is not the first band/artist that tries to take advantage of its momentum by changing its style and polishing its music to be played in mainstream radio. But, the thing is that mainstream audience has the memory of a goldfish, while the rock/metal crowd has the one of an elephant and won’t forget a traitor!

I really hope that this “misfire” won’t last long and Lzzy and the boys will come back the way we want them to be, and actually the way we got to know them. It’s also important that they wouldn’t forget that it was songs like “It’s Not You”, “I Miss The Mysery”, “I Get Off” etc that people loved and led them to success in the first place. Going the opposite way with weak songs –that would have sounded great on an album by Pink for instance ( oh, I just remembered the scene from “Some Kind Of Monster” where Kirk Hammet wonders why there were no guitar solos on “St.Anger”)- seems dangerous… Halestorm with no guitats is a no go!