Halestorm – ReAniMate 3.0 The Covers EP


After an album that shouldn’t have been in my opinion, “Into The Wild Life”, Halestorm fill the blank space before the release of their next studio album with another covers EP, which is the third to date.

And if their album’s direction disappointed me completely “ReAniMate 3,0” sounds pretty cool. It kicks off grabbing you by the balls with a swaggery cover of “Still Of The Night”. No matter how Lzzy tries she can’t get near Coverdale’s performance on the orginal one, but their version is good enough despite the fact that they rushed the epic keyboard part. Then, we’ve got Sophie B.Hawkins’ pop hit “Damn, Wish I Was Your Lover” that Lzzy uses as a punching bag to show off her incredible voice. “I Hate Myself For Loving You” is next paying a tribute to Joan Jett without changing anything on that classic anthem. The EP gets a modern twist with “Heathems” originally by Twenty One Pilots from “Suicide Squad” soundtrack that brings out the darker side of the band, just like on Soundgarden’s “Fell On Black Days” that comes next. Finally, “Ride The Lightning” sits at the end, and it’s not that good. It’s not as heavy as it should be and Lzzy exaggerates. Making a song heavier than it is and bringing it closer to their standards is something that Halestorm excels, but doing the opposite meaning adjust something that’s more metal than them doesn’t work!

Overall, the EP is the band’s redemption for losing its way. Of course, that’s what a fan of the first two albums and hater of third might think. The harsh truth is that “Into The Wild Life” was commercially successful and got great reviews. Therefore, the fear of a fourth release following the same path lurks…