Half Gramme Of Soma – Half Gramme Of Soma





Athenian group Half Gramme of Soma was founded in 2011 and after some live shows that had a positive reaction, they are releasing this year their debut album. So far, the accomplishment for the five piece band (lead singer John being the latest member to join) is that they have their own sound and don’t fall into easy compositional patterns. The tracks have sufficient unexpected changes and make you scratch your head in order to figure out some of the band’s various influences. Also, all tracks are pleasant to hear, without tiring the listener or lacking consistency. ‘Secret of the fox’ impressed me the most; It presents and interesting musical direction thanks to the atmospheric vocals and quite psychedelic feel, all the while remaining a heavy rock track.

It’s worth discovering Half Gramme of Soma because they did a very good try for their first work. We’re looking forward to the future.