Rob Halford says that JUDAS PRIEST fans are “furious” that the band has yet to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.
Having been eligible for induction since 1999, JUDAS PRIEST was on the ballot for this year’s class of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, but ultimately didn’t clinch the nomination.
Asked in a new interview with The Portland Mercury if he felt “snubbed” by the Rock Hall, Halford said: “I wouldn’t say snubbed. A little bit disappointed. For us it’s all about getting more metal into the halls there. Our friends from METALLICA are in there. [BLACK] SABBATH is in there. You pay your dues. It’s funny, really. We got more mileage out of not going in than if we would’ve got in. Our fans are furious! They’re still furious. That’s the love that our fans have got. We love our fans dearly. We wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in life without our incredible fans that support us. Fingers crossed. Eventually, I think we’ll get in there.”