Hammer King – Kingdom Of The Hammer King


Hammer King is yet another incarnation of the German band Ivory Night, also known as the Ross the Boss backing band. With a first glimpse at the song titles I immediately noticed a connection with Hammerfall. The words Hammer and King are over the place while Blood and Glory follow. No harm in that though since the music matters the most. And if the music is good, such metal clichés are more than welcome.

With the first spin my hunch proved right. Hammer King actually are what they seem to be. A mix between Hammerfall and Majesty, predictable heavy power metal without any points for ingenuity. Entertaining? I suppose so. Clichés, especially concerning this musical genre, are inevitable and Hammer King seem to know how to do it convincingly. The question that rises though is how current such bands are and at what point they deserve our attention while the worldwide metal production has risen dramatically and lots of newcomers emerge continuously. I guess this is another dilemma which depends on how much time or money we have for spending…