Hammerfall – Hammer Of Dawn


Well, to cut a long story short let me tell you that Hammerfall released an amazing album that is already among this year’s top list.

They didn’t reinvent the wheel, neither tried something different. They just grasp the hammer hard without letting go, not even for a moment. Oscar Droniak and Pontus Norgren guitars are galloping wild like two stallions from beginning to end, Joacim is in great shape and the melodies they’ve put down are addictive as one great song comes after the other.

I cannot say that I am a fan of the band, or even that the specific genre is one of my favourite ones, although I have my soft spots – like everyone else. However, no matter what one likes a good album shows right from the beginning. From the first track and the whole atmosphere that runs through it. On “Hammer Of Dawn” the work that’s been done is amazing. Kicking off with “The Brotherhood”, which is a tribute to their fans –that would make Manowar jealous, “Reveries” and “Too Old To Die Young” the mighty Swedes forge the contemporary user’s manual for Euro power metal. It’s powerful, wild, catchy and classy. Even the ballad, “Not Today”, sounds great.

Well, they might turn me into a fan after all!