PRESS RELEASE: Helloween invited their friends from HammerFall to join them on their European tour in order to create a tremendous metal-package together. The United Forces Tour 2022 called alliance is not only the full Helloweenexperience, on top the fans will enjoy fine Swedish steel out of the Hammerfallforge.

Andi Deris: “We are ‘hammered’ to have our friends from Hammerfall with us on tour! Back in 2002 the band produced their album ‘Crimson Thunder’ in my studio in Tenerife and we had a lot of fun back then. This mega-package is delivering the appropriate metal-spectacle to enter the stage with full power!”

🎃⚒ We all have to stick together to stand and endure this agonizing live music gap and because extraordinary…

Posted by Helloween on Friday, 19 March 2021