Joacim Cans and Oscar Dronjak talked about the new Hammerfall album to Janne Vuorela. “I think people know what to expect from a Hammerfall album, but the challenge for us is, how do we make it even better when we write it? That’s not always something you can control, but you can always put as much effort as you can into it. This album feels very energized. I think it sounds like not the eleventh studio album from a band, but maybe the first, [in regard to] the level of energy. It’s a great album, I think. It’s an album that we worked so hard on making every little detail as good as it possibly can”, said Oscar.

“We had a motto for this album — ‘Good is not good enough. It has to be great” says Joakim. “I think that’s also why it took so long. We allowed ourselves to invest a lot of time in the songwriting process to be able to let the songs mature, and go back and listen to them so we can make changes in time before the actual production. Sometimes, you’re so rushed in the studio — when you’re done writing, you record and then you’re done, and then maybe you realize afterwards, ‘Shit. This would have worked better.’ That’s why sometimes songs sound a little different live, especially in the vocal department. But ‘Dominion’, to me, is like a well-balanced dish where every song is like an ingredient to make, like, the perfect dish. The variety of songs, it’s fantastic. We have really fast tracks down to a piano ballad, but every song is needed in order to make this album. I’m really proud.” Check out the entire interview below…