The Australian band Hansel returns at last with their first complete studio album “69 Minutes With….Hansel’’. Many people would think of them mostly as a satirical band because their looks are more kitsch than glamorous. To be more accurate, they remind me of something like “Sammy Hagar meets Steel Panther”. Their music drives you back to the 80s era, so we definitely speak of a successful album, focusing especially of the feelings that you get while listening to it. The first song of the record ‘’Murder 101’’, was also released one year ago on an EP and it is kickass! I am convinced that this is their best one so far. It’s also online for you to watch as a video clip so, you will get the whole picture.

In 2012 Hansel took part in ‘’Australia’s got talent’’, winning the likes of the judges and the audience, with the song “Rocketship Of Love’’. You will find the song in the new album. In their next appearance in the show they came out with ‘’Murder 101’’.Glam rock music is mostly based on the looks of the band, but unfortunately they are in lack of these. Although if you listen to them talk in some videos on YouTube, they seem to be pretty decent guys.

The great thing is that their music speaks for itself and they play exactly what you want to listen from a band dedicated to the 80’s era. A summer record, to take with you on tour to the Byron Bay beaches of Australia.