Hardcore Superstar – C’ mon Take On Me

The Swedish Hardcore Superstar is one of the few bands that they can still support the sleaze scene and sound. Although with their latest albums they wrote songs with melodic hard rock and metal sound,they never left the sleazy feeling.

Now they return dynamically for another year to remind us of this intensity and ” sleaze΄΄ with their new release “C’mon Take On me.” When I first listened to the album I was disappointed. I don’t know why but it happens to me of bands that I expect the very best. As I expected from Hardcore Superstar the best they could give! As the days gone by and I paid more attention to the songs, I discovered quite a few interesting pieces.

The album starts with the intro ” Cutting The Slack ”,which reminds me of an intro music at an open air street theatre ,to enter directly into the title track  “C’mon Take On Me”, which I think gives very good groundwork for the start of the hearing. Along the way I stick with the ” One More Minute ”, ” Are You Gonna Cry Now ” and ” Because Of You ”. I find less interesting   ” Above The Law ” ,which was released on single and video clip.

Although in analbum of the’’superstars’’ the ballads usually are unneeded, the concrete was a pleasant break to go to the next uplifting song. Nevertheless, I  suggest the ballad” Long Time No See. ”

Hardcore Superstar is praiseworthy for several of the songs they have written these 16 years of existence, but mainly because after so many releases they have not lost their element and the ability to keep sleazheads but metalheads satisfied.