Hardcore Superstar – HCSS


Our beloved Swedish boys strike again with their 10th studio album. After the very successful “C’mon Take On Me” album and their European tour, they hit the charts with the ‘’HCSS’’ album.  The band is in a great frenzy, manic as hell mood and always ready to lift the audience up high and make them go crazy. The first single off the album was ‘’Glue’’,  which I still don’t find that good, but that is just one song. Immediately after that the band released  “Don’t Mean Shit’’ , which is the first track of the ‘’HCSS’’ album and I think the best song so far. They also released it as a videoclip.

The great merit of this band is its identity. The band has a sound of its own and you can tell them apart from the rest from the guitar riffs and Jocke’s distinctive voice.

I have listened to the album 3 times until now, but I am gonna need  10 more in order to be sure that is as good as it should be. However, if I compare it with the previous one, it certainly has much fewer songs that I find interesting. In the previous one I could not find a bad song, apart from the ballads which I find pointless for the new-sleaze bands. The fans of Hardcore Superstar will definitely appreciate “Party ’til I’m Gone” and “Touch The Sky”.

Of course, it’s going to take some time until they return to Gothenburg as  they already have booked the following dates of 2015 for the promotion of “HCSS”. So, I suggest you should begin the search for any possible live show in your country, or wherever you can see them live. You must see this band live because you are definitely going to love their show. When it comes to Hardcore Superstar they know how to party hard!!!