The big return of our beloved Swedish boys from Göteborg is a fact! They might have released some great albums the last 20 years, but since 2010 they’ve been out of shape. Contrary to the rest of the HCSS fan club, I believe that <<C’mon Take on Me>> is one of their best albums so far and I would like to single out “Because of You” as one of my favorites of their entire discography. This album is the return of HCSS that we all loved after listening to “We don’t Celebrate Sundays” for the very first time.

The album begins with heavy harmonies and rude guitars, with the first single “AD/HD” which is representative of all the things that we love in this band. The vocals from Jocke are stable and sleazy, as they should be. The rhythm urges you to turn up the volume! And when you think you are about to relax, then “Electric Rider” hits the speakers with a killer groove and solo. One more beloved track and also one of the singles of the album.
The album continues with no useless fillers and it proves that the band is back for good and ready to tour the world by demolishing all the venues in its way!

“You Can’t Kill My RnR”, is undeniably a song written for a live show with the whole audience singing along with the band. It’s a strong anthem that won’t let you forget that the 80s are still alive. The same goes for “Have Mercy On Me” which was released as a video clip with a strong ‘’Christian’’ vibe.

I feel really excited with <<You Can’t Kill my RnR>> and I hope they will keep it that way for the years to come. But above all, I hope you can make it and see them live soon, in case you haven’t done so already. Only then, you will realize why this band should be considered as one of the biggest in the Sleaze Metal world.