Hardcore Superstar – the whole 80s era had a huge impact on us. Everything from Slayer to Madonna


After such a dynamite of an album an intrerview with Hardcore Superstar was a necessity! Magnus “Adde” Andreasson, the man in charge for the horsepower of the band, the backbone of the offense, the drummer since 1999 talks about the amazing “Abrakadabra”, how their style took its shape for this records, as well as Hardcore Superstar’s most important and most funny moments. He also makes an amazing Saturday night mix tape! If they play to a place near you go see them at all costs! They ROCK! Interview: Yiannis Dolas

photo: Yiannis Dolas

Rockpages.gr: There is a classic rock feel on the album, at least on some of the songs. The intro reminded me of Thin Lizzy a bit, the riff on “Influencer” sounds like Scorpions. Was this an intentional turn to such classics, or I am making this up?

“Adde” Andreasson: We pay homage to a lot of the bands we grew up with. We still listen to what was done in the 70´s and 80´s and I think you can tell by listening to us. It’s in our DNA. 

Rockpages.gr: I noticed that the songs on the album are not all fast, there is more mid-tempo. Would you say that you are getting more mature in your song-writing? Is it easier to write a fast, or a slower song?

“Adde” Andreasson: It was a decision that we made to slow songs down and make a more ”Arena Rock Album” this time. We talked about how we wanted the album to sound like and it came with us writing slower songs so that the production would fit in.

Rockpages.gr: When I saw the title “Fighter” on the tracklist I thought it was going to be a fast song with all guns blazing, but instead it’s semi acoustic, and a nice tune if you ask me. How do you manage to tame the band’s high energy and power and put them through a more stripped down song like this?

“Adde” Andreasson: It’s always fun and creative when you write and record on an acoustic guitar. and especially a 12 sting. It’s a different energy but I totally love it. The 12 string acoustic has a sound of the 70´s to my ears. Reminds me of bands like Boston and Heart. We are very satisfied with how the song turned out. It was actually a fast song from the beginning but it was rewritten to be played as a ballad.

photo: Ian Golcher Photography

Rockpages.gr: This in my opinion is your best album in years. What did you do differently than the previous ones to make it sound that good?

“Adde” Andreasson: We spent a lot of time writing and rehearsing the songs. Many changes were made while we were recording it and a lot of times you just don’t have the willpower to do that but we really wanted this to come out the right way. Working with producer and longtime friend Johan Reiven Helped a lot also. He knows us and know how to push us to the limit.

Rockpages.gr: All the songs are good, did you have any fillers that you rejected in order to make the total album more powerful?

“Adde” Andreasson: Lots of rejected songs. I’d say that the ”Thrashier songs” were rejected because they did not fit the mood on this album.

 Rockpages.gr: What is the challenge every time you are working on a new album?

“Adde” Andreasson: We always want to record drums bass and guitar live to get a human sound. I think it’s healthy and I personally am not a fan of how Metal bands sound today. Too much computer rock for my taste. I wanna hear the person when a listen to music not the machines.

Rockpages.gr: You released a lot of singles before the release of the album. Aren’t you afraid that you are revealing too much of the stuff on the album?

“Adde” Andreasson: To be honest I’m a bit torn when it comes to releasing that many singles but it was a decision we made. I’m old school and like to wait for the full album before I listen but this way makes it hard. The good thing is that all songs pretty much get the attention it needs.

photo: Yiannis Dolas

Rockpages.gr: What are your favourite songs on the new album?

“Adde” Andreasson: I really like the title track. It sounds evil and catchy at the same time. A typical hard rock song to me. And I love to play it. Also a big fan of The Influencer. I still laugh when I read the lyrics on that one.

Rockpages.gr: I read a review about the new album on Classic Rock magazine, which was negative and actually made me feel upset, since I think that the album is great. How do you react on criticism, especially if it’s negative?

“Adde” Andreasson: It used to bother me but as you grow older you stop to listen to negative criticism. I’ve learned over the years that its hard enough to satisfy yourself so when you’ve done everything you can to make the album the way you want it, that’s the most important issue.

Rockpages.gr: How do you write you songs usually? Do you jam and come up with ideas, does everyone brings his own idea and work on that? Is it a group thing?

“Adde” Andreasson: Usually I start writing on a song and pretty soon after everyone is in and writing and arranging it. We are a democratic band.

Rockpages.gr: Apart from the obvious consequences of staying at home, not socializing etc, how did the lockdown and quarantine during the pandemic affected you?

“Adde” Andreasson: It affected us in a good way because we suddenly had a lot of time to write songs without any pressure. We could’ve been lazy and sit at home doing nothing but it actually fueled us to work really hard on the songs. 

photo: Ian Golcher Photography

Rockpages.gr: You wrote “Influencer”, which is a comment on nowadays situation. Would you mind being one? Just taking photos of yourself, promote products, being followed by thousands and getting paid for that?

“Adde” Andreasson: No I leave that to the younger generation. 

Rockpages.gr: Some years ago you’ve written a song about the people who want to get on the “Guest List” for a show just to be around famous people and present themselves being important. Has anything changed since then?

photo: Yiannis Dolas

“Adde” Andreasson: No…. HAHAHAHAHAHA. You have to remember that it is our dark sense of humor that shines thru there. We just look at the situation in a funny way.

Rockpages.gr: Talking about “influencers” what are your influences in music? What are your favourite bands and artists? What are your guilty pleasures, stuff that you like listening that are not rock, or metal, but you like a lot?

“Adde” Andreasson: I’d say the whole 80´s era had a huge impact on us. Everything from Slayer to Madonna. We grew up in the 80´s. We would skate and have a radio on with a mixtape blasting out what was the flavor of the day. I really think it was a great decade because you really had every style going. Grunge in the 90´s killed that.

 Rockpages.gr: Have you ever being starstruck meeting one of your heroes?

“Adde” Andreasson: We got to meet all the members in AC/DC when we opened for them in Turin Italy. THAT was mind-blowing. They were really nice and a role model of how a real superstar should be.

Rockpages.gr: Playing and being on the road all these years you must have a lot “Spinal Tap” stories to tell, what’s the one you will never forget?

“Adde” Andreasson: There are soooo many Hahahaha!!! Believe me, we have done it all. One time we had a truck stop somewhere in the alps. It was in the middle of the night. The band were drinking back in the bus and the bus leaves. After a couple of hours we find our way to our beds just to see that we all have like 50 missed calls. It was from our merchandise guy. He was still at the truck stop. We were now in a different country. Hahahaha.

photo: Ian Golcher Photography

Rockpages.gr: Sweden has introduced to the world so many great bands from all styles of music, from disco to extreme metal. What are the most underrated Swedish bands that music fans should listen to?

“Adde” Andreasson: I used to listen to Swedish Erotica, 220 Volt and Trash to name a few great band active in the 80´s.

Rockpages.gr: You are making a mix tape for a Saturday night party, what are the songs that you are definitely putting in?

“Adde” Andreasson: It’s will be mixed styles. I give you a list: Hardline – Rhythm In A Red Car, Kingdom Come – Do You Like It, Four Horsemen  – Rockin Is Ma Business, Def Leppard  – Just Me And My Wine, Black Sabbath – Headless Cross, Dio – Mystery, W.A.S.P. – The Flame, Dokken – Never Unchain The Night, Kiss – War Machine, Demon – Night Of The Demon

Rockpages.gr: Will you ever come to Greece for a show? I guess you’ve been here on holidays!

“Adde” Andreasson: I really hope so. Book us and we will come!!!!

Photo: Ian Golcher Photography