You always know what you’re going to get with Hatebreed; they’re probably not going to exceed expectations, they are repeating themselves, but they won’t let you down either. After a short period of silence, when frontman Jamey Jasta released his first solo effort, the group from Connecticut makes a strong comeback to familiar territory. Even though in modern extreme hardcore there are even more brutal bands like Converge, no one combines breakdowns with Slayer style thrash metal better than Hatebreed, with fans from both worlds equally accepting them. ‘The Divinity of Purpose’ brings to mind another statement within the title, that of their debut ‘Satisfaction is the Death of Desire’. It is 37 minutes long, with short and solid songs coming one after the other at full speed. Jasta’ s gang vocals have the same passion, on stage and in the studio, and since I mentioned a live performance, some of the riffs from the record are written to be played in front of an audience. Tracks like ‘Put it to the Torch’, ‘Before the Fight Ends You’ and ‘Dead Man Breathing’ represent confidence, hunger and strength – mission accomplished.