Haunt – Beautiful Distraction


I think it’s hard to get disappointed by Haunt. Their retro sound, their influences that bring a lot to mind and Trevor William Church’s amazing taste leave no room for not liking what you hear.

In “Beatiful Distracion” we have another great collection of 10 songs. It seems that keyboards win more ground, as you can hear them more in several tracks. The ripping guitar melodies are the main point of reference on every song on the album. The six strings are really on fire here turning Church’s vision into flesh and blood. The three renditions of  “Fool’s Paradise”, “Hearts On Fire” and “It’s In My Hands” are cool giving the songs a different dimension.

The duration of the songs doesn’t exceed the 4-minute mark, which is enough to keep the material strong and both the compositions and arrangements progression. Several times when a solo comes in you get the feeling that a song is gearing up and become even more impressing and interesting. And add Church’s out of this world voice to all that and you get a taste of how special is the final result. After listening to the album for the first time I thought that it’s their best so far and I didn’t change my mind after giving it a spin again and again.