Haunt – Burst Into Flames


When you purchase a CD and the label on it says in clear lettering “Shadow Kingdom Records” then the excellent result is more than guaranteed! This is the house of some of the most qualitative bands of the so called New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal that USA has spawned upon us! Naturally, Night Demon is one of them and you don’t need us to tell you how awesome that band is. The Californian outfit of Haunt had sent us a first, warning sign with their impressive EP “Luminous Eyes” and needless to say that we were eagerly waiting for Haunt’s debut full-length album.

From my perspective, “Burst Into Flame” is the sonic crossroads where Cauldron meets Enforce or if you prefer where melody meets speed through some brilliant twin guitar solos which remind us of course of Iron Maiden. Trevor William Chuurch’s clear vocals ideally blend with the memorable guitar hooks thus the outcome with songs like τα “My Mirage”, “Heroes” & “Looking Glass” is more than gratifying. Of notice is also the pristine production which is highly evaluated in this time and age.

Haunt doesn’t redefine the heavy metal genre and of course they don’t have any intention of reinventing the sonic wheel. These are non-essential stuff when it comes down to pure, 80s heavy metal. Haunt pays tribute to that 80s heavy metal sound and we couldn’t be prouder of them. Congrats, guys!

Highlight: A few months ago, the band released a 7’’ flexi disc single for the song “Ghosts”. Old school or what?