Thrash quartet from Denver, Colorado that releases its sophomore record via Candlelight. I didn’t have the chance to listen to their debut record “Pwn’ em All” but I can definitely say that “Time is Up” is a superb sample of old school US thrash metal. It may not be the most original stuff that I’ve ever listened to but it’s surely top notch, first class and catchy bunch of tunes with an excellent production and a band that projects an unbelievable energy into the studio (and quite likely on the live environment).
Most of the songs are memorable with guitar hooks and riffs that refer immediately to Testament (circa 1987-1988) and early Megadeth. I cannot find anything bad to say about Havok’s effort and for me personally this was the first really good album of 2011.
Highlight: Havok remains true to the thrash tradition by including a song with…initials: “D.O.A.”.