I will never forget Hawkwind’s first ever show in Greece on March 30th 1991 at Rodon Club. It was an unbelievable 4-hour show that was pinned in my mind and raised my concert expectations bar very high. This was the fourth time, I think, the Brits visited Greece and I was dead sure that I was leaving the club very satisfied.


A bit after 9 and for forty minutes Godsleep that were chosen as the show’s support act show their chops and I can say that they are great musicians, but I wasn’t thrilled with their performing. They were just OK.


Obviously, I wasn’t expecting from Hawkwind an equally amazing show like the one I witnessed 25 years ago, since Dave Brock has reached his 75th year of age. However, their show was exquisite. They started off with songs from their previous album “The Machine Stops” that the audience seemed to enjoy and they carried on with tunes from their 45-year long career, while the amazing visuals that were displayed on the projector were giving their show that unique Hawkwind vibe. Brock and Mr.Dibs surely know pretty well how to approach their crowd and they did it successfully.


The show’s highlights were “Hassan I Sahba” and “Silver Machine” that concluded our 100 minute long space journey in space.

Maybe Hawkwind couldn’t reach their old standards (I don’t think such a thing is possible any more), the show duration might have been sorter than any other I’ve seen them play, but they did a splendid job and I’d say it makes me appreciate them even more.

Dimitris Kazantzis

Setlist: Hail The Machine, The Machine, Thursday, Utopia, Orgin, Synchronised Blue, Watcher, Assault And Battery, The Golden Void, Lost In Silence, Shot Down In The Night, Hassan I Sahba, Orgone Accumulator, Silver Machine