We were lucky enough to experience yet another sensational show by Hawkwind in their last European tour and we came to the conclusion that this band is like the fine old wine…it only gets better with time and its members become even more experienced and accomplished.

But what about new music? How are things from a compositional standpoint? The title of the album depicts unfortunately a cruel reality for the legendary space rock outfit as I detect a clear lack of inspiration. Naturally, I didn’t expect in 2016 to come up with a masterpiece or to evaluate their overall career by this record…of course not! But the truth is that I expected more from them. If we put aside the song “Thursday” and the rockier track “Solitary Man”, I have to say that this is a very tiring album and I haven’t found anything to hold on to that will make me slip again the record on my CD player.

“The Machine Stops” really picks up from where all the latest Hawkwind releases stopped thus continuing a downward course without any interestic sonic ideas whatsoever. I wouldn’t recommend this album to anyone else apart from all those who are loyally stuck to the genre.