Hardcore Superstar will record their new studio album in the end of the summer, as Jocke Berg, the band’s singer, revealed in an interview with Hair Band Heaven. “The songs are written and we start to record the album at the end of the summer”, he said. “We´re not afraid to change the direction in our music and lyrics. Cuz if you listen to our albums every album have a different sound that is special to just that album! When I talk to fans nowadays they are always excited of how the next album would sound like, cuz they know by now that everything can happened! I think thats why we had a long life as a band, cuz there always something new on every album!” Berg commented. Finally, in regards to what people should expect from the new album he said:  “An album that you can drink and party to, and there are of course a new side from HCSS that you’ve never heard before!”