Do you remember an EP that was released in 2007 by a band called Headspace? If you don’t, now is the time to get to know them. And if they continue to support their work we might never forget them. Headspace is a band formed by Ozzy/Black Sabbath keyboardist Adam Wakeman (son of legendary Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman) and Thershold lead vocalist Damian Wilson. Completing this group of musicians is Lee Pomeroy on bass from the band It Bites, guitarist Pete Rinaldi and Avril Lavinge drummer Richard Brook.

“I am Anonymous” is an innovative progressive metal album,but somewhat “old” progressive metal. By “old” I mean the early to mid 90’s prog. It combines elements from “Scenes from A Memory” and “Operation: Mindcrime”, music lasting close to 70 minutes that is filled with great musicality and emotions.  
“Stalled Armageddon” starts off instrumentally, giving a nice preview of what is to come next in the album.  The keyboards not only complete what is a great atmosphere but mister Wakeman can only be proud of his son’s abilities to write great leads. Also Damian’s Wilson’s voice is as good as ever. Lyrically the album deals with humanity, wars, inner battles, religion and all the things that ultimately affect us on a day to day basis.
Most songs are generally long but they have enough changes to keep the listener on his feet.  Especially “Die With A Bullet” is a great masterpiece which can easily be considered a classic in the years to come.
I can only hope that “Headspace” will continue on as a band. They have already announced some live dates with the English band Haken. Their debut album is a great piece of work and the band generally can make a difference in music. Let’s hope we’ll hear from them frequently in the near future.