A documentary exploring the relationships between heavy meta and horror is in the works under the guidance of producer Mike Schiff who has already interviewed Kirk Hammet, Corey Taylor, Alice Cooper and many more. “I spent many years attending metal shows and horror conventions. One convention/metal show I worked for was Kirk Hammett’s Fear FestEvil. I thought more about how the two genres always seem to go hand-in-hand. As it turned out that no one had ever made a documentary that explained why that is. I wanted to get into the history of both genres and allow the horror personalities and musicians to share their views on the topic and a lot of other fun stuff”, told TeamRock the producer. “I got to film Dave Mustaine in his home and he treated us so graciously. Alice Cooper was incredibly generous with his time and treated us like friends. Corey Taylor gave me some vocal tips and showed me his warm-up techniques”. Last year there was a crowd funding campaign that finally failed to reach is target although it allowed the filming of extra interviews. Now, Schiff, Robert Lucas and Metal Blade Records’ Brian Slager go for a second shot through indiegogo.