Helker – Firesoul


Argentina is a South American country specializing in the production of Angus cows and soya beans. However, it is not famous for its rock and metal bands. Helker is a surprise band from Buenos Aires that has been in existence since 1998 and I am embarassed to admit that I was unaware of their existence. “Firesoul” is their 5th album and contains high quality heavy metal with loud and easy-to-remember riffs, very loud production and strong compositions. Also, the release includes the version of the album in Spanish. The opening song of the album “Fight” is full of strength. Dynamic riffs and vocals that remind me of Ripper Owens in the era of Iced earth and strong choruses. The song “For All The Eternity” that follows is also at the same levels of dynamism. All compositions are good but “Where You Belong” and “Stay Away” stand out. Helker is a group with personality with some influences from Dio, Iced Earth and Judas Priest. I liked Helker very much and I’m going to make an eBay search to find out about their past releases.