Helloween – United Alive


Ι have no regrets for most of the decisions I’ve made through the years but I still haven’t forgotten myself for not catching one of the shows of the recent reunion tour by Helloween. You see, I thought that they would make a stop in Greece but that was really a wishful thinking. The good thing is that we will get a second chance as the band will embark on yet another tour when their new studio album will be released in 2020.

So, for all of us who couldn’t make it on the “Pumpkins United Tour” we now have the chance to enjoy in full power (and in both CD and DVD/Blu-Ray) obe of the most important reunions that took place in the recent years. After all, it was a no brainer really to have in the market a product of that monumental event as we have all been waiting for Kiske’s and Hansen’s return to the band. It’s really emotional to see Kai standing shoulder to shoulder with Weiki and Markus while Kiske giving everything he has on stage. But it would be really an omission if I wouldn’t underline in a most emphatic manner the unbelievable performance and overall stage presence of the one and only Andi Deris who proved once again why he is the undeniable leader of the band. As for Loble & Gerstner, they are doing an excellent job thus showing another evidence of why this is one of the finest line-ups that Helloween ever had.

The set list is well balanced and covers the entire back catalogue with Kiske and Deris sharing vocals or singing individual tunes while the “Kai Hansen Medley” is absolutely brilliant as it focuses on the very early days of the band. I am sure that you have noticed that I don’t mention specific songs. The reason behind it is that there is absolutely no need to do so as “United Alive” is really a “best of” package that everyone should have in his/her collection. It’s really a ”must buy” especially in a time and age where the live albums have become more or less detrimental. Up The Pumpkins…Forever!

Highlight: We could have done without “Are You Metal”…there…I said it!