Heritage – Law


This is the new release by Heritage and musically, they move between Heavy Metal/ Rock and Stoner while there are a lot of melodic moments. The explosive vocals by Dimos will blow your minds from the very start of his performance. The band has managed to provide a very clear production on this album, but at the same time it has a “Raw” sense. All the guitars, solos and drums have their own loud voice, but they have been mixed accurately by providing the correct balance between all the musical instruments. Tracks like ” Mindtrap ”, ” Hole Of Fame” and “Saints And Sinners” must be included in their upcoming live performance as they have a concert/live vibe, and one thing for sure it will get the crowd going. The band is not afraid to go into new musical paths and they manage that with the song called “Steel Ivory”. The song is quite complex as it contains a rhythm variations and some “sick”/ bizarre vocal lines. Once the song is over you will hit “repeat” straight away.

Prepare yourself now for a great surprise… in the song called “Born To Rock ‘N’ Roll”. What a fantastic song and it contains an amazing series of big names, appearing as Special Guests. those are: Argy (Nightstalker) – Vocals, George Bokos (Stone Cold Dead, ex-Rotting Christ) – Guitar and Vocals and Fotis Benardo (SixForNine, ex-Septic Flesh) – Vocals. A song … pure chaos, with endless headbaning and stoner feeling that it isn’t enough! This song should be performed live while containing all of the above Guests.

Heritage with the ” Law ” make a big step forward having a pretty strong card in their hands … it is a very good album, with well structured songs and perfectly clean production. Prepare yourself for an album that will leave you speechless with plenty headbaning of the very first minutes.