Hierophant – Mass Grave


While a very good year for our favorite music is about to end, an album of pure evil comes out and requires our attention. When you listen to it, Italy as their country of origin isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Hierophant were founded in 2009, this is their 4th full-length and my first time that I listen to them.

“Mass Grave” is a mixture of various elements from the extreme metal scene. Death, black, sludge, grindcore and hardcore combine together in order to form a devastating result. And it’s fascinating how they manage to create something solid out of this and not a mess. This album consists of ten songs, which are small in duration except the 11-minute(!) long last track (even if most of it isn’t music at all). The rest of the songs hardly last 20 minutes. This is a method that this band is used to it, because all of their previous albums have the same number of songs and similar running time. Maybe this is the only disadvantage of the album, because it’s music is really good and it gives you the feeling that is incomplete, so you need to listen to it once again.

The noisy production and the sick cover complete a very good release that is strongly suggested to the fans of the old-school extreme metal sound.