Hogan’s Goat – Hogan’s Goat


Hogan’s Goat are from the US and they play southern / stoner hard rock with many and interesting progressive and alternative elements. Their debut shows a band that has seriously worked and wants to stand out. The outcome is special I could say, and will especially be favored by Mastodon and Clutch fans. I am not a great supporter of this relatively new sound, but I recognize its dynamics and I can get excited with several songs of the above bands.

“Rat Boy”, the album starter is quite representative of what will follow. Based on the two guitars and their switching riffs, with the bass (and almost the drums) lost in the mix, John Salmon’s vocals stand out by changing from simple rock style to grunge style and even on multiple levels. The first tracks are very powerful and maintain the listener’s attention easily, and even if what follows is not as impressive, there are scattered points that are remarkable. For example the melodic part of “If I’m Dead” or the almost Jeff Waters introductory riff of “Drinkin with the Priest” as well as the solo that follows.

An alternative hard rock album that deserves attention.