Holocaust – Predator


Holocaust is a very special band. Most of the fans think highly of the 1981 debut album The Nightcomers (one year after the Heavy Metal Mania EP) but in my opinion the real deal lies in the following albums since the band never stopped recording and releasing material but under a radically different style. And Predator proves that the band stays loyal to that style since songs like Shine Out, Shiva or Expander could easily be material taken from Hypnosis of Birds or Spirits Fly. John Mortimer and his crew sound like no other band. The Holocaust sound is unique, totally personal and distinctive but in the same time not so popular. Predator is not among the best works of the band but deserves to be heard since it’s something completely different than the majority of today’s releases. The band probably won’t make any new friends with this album (coming from a Greek label) but will definitely not disappoint the old ones.