Hour Of 13 – The Ritualist

Locked in time warp, trapped in the late ‘70s in some industrial city of Britain… that’s how Hour Of 13 sound like, while they have a lot in common with bands like Tank, Diamond Head, and Black Sabbath among others.
It’s really impressive how close to this atmosphere this duo(!) sounds. Because, Hour Of 13 are consisted of two members, Chad Davis, who plays guitar, bass, and drums, and singer Phillip Swanson, who left in 2009 and returned in 2010 to leave again recently!  Heavy weight riffs, satanic, almost haunted melodies, and dramatic vocals is what “The Ritualist” is all about. Its nine songs will reward you if you listen the album from beginning to the end. I got the impression listening to the album that the best stuff is towards the end, so I stood out “Soldiers Of Satan”, “Evil Inside”, and “Crawlspace”. If you love Sabbath, and doom you will love Hour Of 13, and I suggest you look for their debut “Hour Of 13” from 2007. Finally, the album is going to be released in vinyl for all you vinyl lovers out there!