“Indestructible” is the new album by hard rock legends House Of Lords. The band’s creativity has been impressive to say the least, we get a new album every two years. This line up has released some excellent hard rock album although I was not impressed by their previous effort “Precious Metal”. Too heavy, mediocre songs and melodies.

But I am glad to say that is not the case with “Indestructible”. The album has a more hard rocking sound than its predecessor. And most important, the songs and the melodies are great. It is what you would expect from a quality band like House Of Lords. Superb songs like “Go To Hell”, “Indestructible”, “Pillar Of Salt”, “Call My Bluff” or like the absolutely incredible “Eye Of The Storm”

Production and mixing are spot on, The band sounds solid and James Christian is on top form.

A very welcome return to excellent albums for House Of Lords. Great!