Houston – IV


I am sure that our regular, veteran readers still remember our rave review of Houston’s debut album that came absolutely out of nowhere more than 10 years ago. That album was exactly what AOR needed back in the day and Houston delivered the goods with what the fans of the genre rightfully consider as a modern-day classic! Time passed by, the guys continued the upward projector with a couple of full-length albums and various Eps and we were eagerly awaiting for the fourth installment by the Swedish outfit.

Ladies and gentlemen, with no further ado, this is the grand return of Houston; a magnificent record that sets its sight straight to the qualitative level of the debut album as ALL the songs are brilliant, well-crafted to the slightest detail and most importantly portray a truthful aesthetic of the 80s. Just imagine a sonic amalgam of those classic 80s soundtracks (“Miami Vice”, “Iron Eagle”, “Top Gun” etc.) with a touch of Survivor (circa 1984-1986) and you get an accurate image of what Houston’s latest offering stands for. Add to all these, a pack of melodic guitars reminiscent of the great Neal Schon and a crystal clear production and…let there be “IV”! This is the best AOR album of 2021…congratulations, Houston! We missed you…

Highlight: Put on the opening track “She’s The Night” and travel back in time to the open roads of Miami where…Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs drive on through the night.