Hryre – From Mortality To Infinity


Hryre is a new band from West Yorkshire, England who were founded just three years ago and this is their debut album. Two years ago they released an independent EP with a title in the Anglo-Saxon language (or Old English language) that is translated as “Death, Transition, Rebirth – The Devastation Of Empires”. The songs of their EP were re-recorded for the needs of this release. Their name is also in this language and is translated as Ruin.

It’s easy to understand that they have a passion about their country and their lyrics are rooted in political and cultural history of England, as well as from the nature and countryside. Hryre play atmospheric black metal with a lot of progressive and folk elements, trying to mix all their influences by creating an interesting result. Although their music isn’t…my cup of tea, as they say in their country, their first attempt has many nice things to show. The album consists of eight songs (plus one intro) with a total running time over one hour. “From Mortality To Infinity” has long songs, classic black metal riffs, morbid vocals, narrations and atmospheric parts that create a result that you will think that is recorded from a Norwegian band. The fans of this style should check it out and they might find something really interesting.

For the fans of: Emperor, Fen, Winterfylleth, Enslaved