Alan Burridge – Lemmy Kilmister: Collateral Damage


Alan Burridge is an undisputed authority of all things Motorhead but also of Lemmy’s career in general. Since 1979, when he decided to publish he is own fanzine, Lemmy’s decision a few years later to merge this fanzine with the official “Motorheadbangers” publication and more than 100 issues later, Burridge is a living Motorhead encyclopedia…and trust us, this is not an exaggeration! After all, this book is the absolute testimony and nothing less than the proof of what we are saying here.

“Collateral Damage” is essentially a thorough and detailed presentation of Lemmy’s musical, TV and film activities prior and parallel to Motorhead’s course. What we get here is a compiled piece of work, an extensive catalogue of Lemmy’s special guest appearance in various albums, his collaboration with other artists, his appearance on TV and on the Big Screen etc. In other words, it’s the absolute guide to Lemmy’s extra-Motorhead activities. In between we are treated with some really interesting and personal stories of Burridge that paint a very intimate portrait of Lemmy while his handwritten note that dates back to 11 December 2015 (right before Motorhead’s last ever show in Berlin) is very sentimental. We should also point down that Doro has penned the introduction to this book.

All in all, I think that this is a must have book for every Motorheadbanger out there but also everyone who couldn’t find out all the details about Lemmy’s career outside of Motorhead.

Now that you have it all…let’s collect them all!