Graham Bonnet – The Story Behind The Shades


This is a book that I’ve been waiting for a long time as Graham Bonnet is one of my favorite singers and his presence in all those bands through the years was itself interesting (to say the least) enough in order to make me acquire this book. The fact that the author was non other than Steve Wright, the guy who published the famous Bonnet fanzines back in the day, and Graham Bonnet himself sanctioned the whole venture added definitely some extra points!

As it is the case with all the books from the Easy On The Eye publishing company, the quality is incomparable and it is an absolutely enjoyable experience to read every single book of theirs. “The Story Behind The Shades” wasn’t, of course, an exception to that rule. This is a book packed with detailed information about Graham Bonnet’s career right from The Marbles days in the late 60s up to the release of the excellent album “The Book” in 2016. Rock fans will be delighted with the browsing through the chapters of Rainbow, MSG, Alcatrazz etc. while I must point down that I was personally intrigued and satisfied with the respective chapters of Impellitteri and Blackthorne (much beloved periods in the Bonnet recording career).

Wright’s overall style of writing is vivid while the intermediary comments and excerpts of the main characters of the story makes the whole narration even more lively and interesting. If I may put forward a slice of personal opinion, I’d have loved to read more about Graham’s personal life (like for instance, his alcohol problems, the divorces, his relationship with his father etc.) but I totally get it as Wright concentrates on the singer’s musical path. Needless to say that the archival photos are rare and in some cases never before seen or published.

All in all, I’d say that “The Story Behind The Shades” is a must have for every rock and Bonnet fan. Brace yourself for a unique ride through the awesome career of one of the greatest singers in rock (and not only) history!