Kirk Hammet except from being the guitarist in Metallica is also a huge collector of items related to horror monster movies, which includes posters, figures, masks, costumes, artwork, magazines and whatever you can think of. This book is actually a 220 page photo album with highlights, and not his entire collection.

Since he was a kid was into monster horror movies, and was actually fantasizing that he was chased by monsters on the way home from school, as he tells Stefan Chirazi, who conducted three interview with the guitarist- collector focusing on how he begun collecting, and what drew him into horror thematology. Hammet talks about his childhood, and how those films was his refuge from reality, the relation they gained with his first heavy music influences, the struggle he is facing when he is recognized as a member of Metallica from other traders, some important acquaintances with musicians who share the same interest, like Johnny Ramone, and more fascinating stuff, not for fans of the genre. Of course, an important place in his collection posses his Frankenstein guitars, while it’s very interesting to take a look at two photos that show his collection around him when he started collecting, and a more recent one, with obviously loads of more stuff!
The book’s publication is classy with glossy pages and awesome photos and comments about every item exposed. The text covers roughly 30 pages, as the star of this show are Kirks collection. In Horror We Trust!