One more book by one of the leading biographers in rock and metal. It’s unofficial of course; however it may be more interesting than an official one. That happens quite often.

“Inside The Machine” is the history-biography of the thrashers from Oakland, California, which was written by McIver after having made several interviews with the members of the band.

It is quite interesting as the author follows Machine Head from the beginning of their remarkable career in 1992 and his descriptions are extremely detailed. “Inside The Machine” is quite recently written, in 2012, thus it covers an entire twenty-year period in which the band was only rising.

Beyond the as always very well written texts of the particular author, there are two small colored photo albums, while the prologue is of a particular interest, as it is written by Chris Kontos, the Greek former drummer of Machine Head (1994-1995) who plays in the first album of the band,  “Burn My Eyes”.

“Inside The Machine” is one more very good release by Joel McIver, a person whose writing and reliability I personally trust a lot.

Taking this into account and that I haven’t seen a similar release about Machine Head, I think that the fans of the band and thrash metal in general could treat themselves with the purchase of “Inside The Machine”.