I personally guarantee that whoever acquires this release will never get enough of it. It’s a book – scrapbook about Motorhead that can easily compete with many similar books referring to other great bands of rock and metal.

Keeping it on our hands we see: Rough, black, leatherette cover, embossed logo and…the iron head and the pages edges are silver colored, two hundred and twenty in number. The dimensions are about, 30 x 24 cm. These are the first things we notice at the bookstore enough to get excited to buy it.  That’s not hard to happen at all, believe me.

It is the story of Lemmy and his occasionally great collaborators, from the 70’s until now; however its main bulk includes photos. Countless photos, many of these unpublished and mainly of an excellent quality.

Alan Burridge, the official biographer of Motorhead, but also a man for every kind of job associated with the band for many years, gives in a very comprehensive way enough information about the long time career of the legendary band focusing particularly on the recording sector, the periods of composing and recording.

“Live To Win”, a perfect title for Lemmy, can be considered official, not only because of the author’s status, but also because the introductory note is written by Lemmy himself. It’s a great job that is worth buying.